things that charmed me | no. 4

I’ve been feverishly working on a big summer project, which has also taken away from my regular posting (you may have been wondering where I’ve been lately, am I right?). I’m starting to find that it’s been difficult to keep the pace. But, even so, I’m hoping to get back to three times a week. Soon. Please be patient with me.

This week’s finds:

* Schoolhouse Electric’s new Spring Catalog landed in my mailbox this week. Is it possible to fall in love with a sales catalog?! It’s printed on such a thick decadent paper, with equally luscious photography. I want to live in this magazine. (Feature photo above).

* To go along with the vintage school house feel, I sure love these ceiling mount globes. They would be perfect for a few places in our home, and the price can’t be beat (5 bucks each)!

* Ringly. This beautiful ring connects to your smart phone and notifies you of the important email or texts you’ve been waiting for. Gorgeous tech. Who knew? Way better than looking at your phone constantly.

* This small home tour. I have a deep fascination with furnishing and accentuating living large in small spaces. It’s kind of a quest of mine to understand how to live with less and maximize space to foster happy living. This space would make it easy to do just that. Adorable comes to mind.

*  Given my recent drastic slow-down in pace and productivity, I’m realizing that I don’t quite have enough of me to get all those creative projects moving AND keep up with getting it all published. So you can imagine how helpful this article was for me:  The Weekly Freelance Schedule. It’s all laid out. Happy Dance for this find!

*  Are you as captivated by this Speckle Wallpaper as I am? Hold on to your hats because this (and many more options) are available in removable wall paper options thanks to Chasing Paper. If I was still renting I think I’d shed a tear of joy right now. (I remember marveling over a neighbor’s floral walls–over cinder block–to find out she had used flour and water to paste fabric to the wall.) But even so, this looks like a great option all around.

Here’s to a Happy Weekend!!!

Photo Credits:  Feature via Schoolhouse Electric // (2)  via Ringly //  (3) via ChasingPaper

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