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I have a Pinterest Board entitled //Beautiful Objects// where I curate the best of every day items. In my quest to minimize the amount of objects I keep in my home, I’ve found that I am drawn toward items that are functional, even ordinary, but also beautiful. Like this brass comb that I’ve had my eye on at IZOLA…but today’s post comes as a combination of lovely wooden combs (which I have found via retail from Anthropologie, if you aren’t interested in making one yourself) and a wonderful tutorial from The Merry Thought. There are many resources on how to make your own comb, however, The Merry Thought is the resource I used for this project.

Given that these combs can get a bit pricy to buy them outright ($25-30.00), I didn’t see the harm in trying out the DIY route (which interestingly equates to just 0.50-1.00 per comb). The making process was straight forward and didn’t require any extra materials other than a small piece of hard wood, a jig saw, and fine grit sandpaper.

When I set out to making my very own comb I found I had to adapt the instructions from The Merry Thought. My hardwood came from some scrap poplar boards (which I had previously purchased at Home Depot). And I only had a jigsaw on hand, but it worked just as fine as the scroll saw used in the tutorial.

I drew out the top of the comb (to which I decided to forgo the rounded top with a more traditional rectangle shape) and the teeth of the comb with a pencil. Do note that the teeth of the comb need to run parallel to the grain of the wood. Otherwise the cuts will be jagged, and perhaps even break.  Keep in mind that the blade of whatever cutting tool you are using will take away a width of wood. So space the teeth of your comb accordingly. Allowing for the width of your blade between each wooden tooth. Because I was using a jigsaw, to keep my fingers safe from the blade I held the long piece of wood firmly and cut the teeth of the comb first, and then cut the comb from the larger piece of wood as my last cut.

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Once the cuts are complete all that is needed to finish the comb is a bit of sanding with a fine grit sand paper. Round the edges of each tooth of the comb with the sandpaper. You are aiming at forming a spike, of sorts. The smoother the wood is, the easier it will run through your hair.

DIY wooden comb, soooo pretty! -

Beautiful wooden comb DIY via

This project was faster than I anticipated and well worth it. Beauty & function collide. I am especially grateful to put some scrap wood to good use. Making something do with what I have. Additionally, this would be a great for gift giving. I was able to make one comb in about 30 minutes.

Photo Credits//   All / Ann Neslen via Drippingpaintbrush


* What do you think? Is this a project you would consider tackling yourself? Or would you pass?


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  1. That turned out so nicely! I was wondering how long it took you to sand down the comb teeth and was really surprised when you said it only took 30 minutes to make.

    1. I was surprised too! It was one of those on a whim projects. And I was almost certain I might abandon it half way through.Thankfully that was not the case. Thanks Aliza for stopping by.

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