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Once the flies begin buzzing their way into our home, that is when Summer has arrived. It is the only part of the season (so long as the weather hovers somewhere under 90 degrees) that I dislike. And despite my instructions to my boys to “close the door” every time they go in or out, they seldom actually do it.

So, as I was contemplating this, I happened to be putting away a nice collection of scrap leather, and the idea for today’s project was formed.

What you will need //

2 scraps of medium thickness leather approximately 3 1/2 x 5″

1 dowel cut to 16 inches long

scrap of leather string (6 inches long)

a heavy-duty hole punch (I used a crop-a-dile)

drill with a thin drill bit

hand saw (small saw available at Home Depot for roughly 3.00)

small spring loaded clamp (I’ve seen these available in the grocery store among the misc tools and light bulbs section)

Tacky glue

fast and easy DIY. Lovely leather fly swatter

I must preface with this, don’t be afraid of the seemingly long list above. This project is really fast, and hopefully something you can put together with scraps you have around the house.

Method //

1 //  Cut the edges of your leather cut rectangles.Two deeper triangular cuts off the top corners, and two very shallow (even rounded) cuts off the bottom corners. This will create the fly swatter shape.

(* Note: This step is completely optional).


2 //  Glue together the two leather rectangles with Tacky glue. Make sure that glue covers the entire area (you may want to spread the glue with a brush) and especially be mindful of gluing out the edges. Allow to completely dry.

3 //  Use your heavy-duty hole punch to make air holes within the swatter. You can see from the photos where I punched my holes. Mark with a pencil or disappearing ink sewing marker.

4 //  Prepare your handle by drilling a small hole 1/2 inch from the top of your dowel. Thread the scrap of leather string through the hole and tie. This allows for your swatter to be hung on a hook.

5 //  Use your small hand saw cut down the center of the dowel from the other end to 3/4″ deep. This will hold the leather piece. Once the leather piece is dry and the holes are punched take some sand paper and run it through the cut made until the opening is large enough to support the leather. Once it is, place a bead of glue along the inside of the dowel cut and slide leather into place. With a small spring loaded clamp (or even a binder clip will work) hold in place as the glue dries. Be careful not to split the wood or force it into place. (I wanted a little more security around that point and opted to tie a small piece of leather around the base of the swatter and glued the ends, but this step isn’t necessary).

Make your own leather fly swatter-


Photo Credits:  All // Ann Neslen via Drippingpaintbrush

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