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I just love the idea of these little wreaths hanging in each of my 100-year old windows. Looking through the wavy glass at the sparkling candle light just oozes of romance, doesn’t it? You can hang these indoors or outdoors, and here’s a little secret, those candles can be 100% battery operated if you wish. Benefit from modern living without skimping on the charm of old-day methods.

To make this little beauty, all you need are the following:

Materials //

1 round wooden coin
1 round cut of leather or felt
1 round wooden stand
1 package of florist wire (in whatever color you prefer)
1 sheet of white felt, cut 2 using Window Wreath Template for Leaves
leather string (or any kind of string)
Tools //

large bowl (the size of the circle you wish your wreath to be)
hot glue
hot glue gun
sharp scissors

window wreath supplies

Carefully unwrap wire. Have your bowl ready with a roll of tape.

start by wrapping wire around bowl

Using the bowl as a guide for the wire, tape the wire around the lip of the bowl. Be careful to keep the wire from kinking.

wrap and tape the wire around

Continue around the bowl until your wire meets the beginning point. Snip with wire cutters and secure with tape.

finish by taping the two ends together

Find the center of the round, opposite of the taped edges, and hot glue the leather piece to the bottom.
hot glue leather round

Working quickly, add more hot glue to the leather round (or felt, if you are using felt) and secure the wooden coin to the top.

hot glue coin to leather

Once secure, beginning at the bottom, attach one end of your felt leaves to the base using hot glue. Wrap the felt around the wire until you reach the end of the felt.

continue to glue and wrap

Adjust the felt wrap, and secure with hot glue.

finish part way up

hot glue felt to itself
Tie a length of leather string around the wire.

tie a length of leather
Depending on the kind of candle you wish to display, you can either set a tea light, or candle light on the wooden coin, or hot glue a wooden holder in place for a candle stick.

1 battery candle in place
finished battery powered candle wreath

Photo Credits:  All  //  Ann Neslen via Drippingpaintbrush

*  What are your favorite Christmas/Holiday decorations?

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  1. I totally love this!! It’s so simple and elegant. :) I can’t wait to make a few of my own.

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