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Whittling down the kiddos clothes feels ESSENTIAL at this point. I feel as if my home is bulging at the seams. So to speak. And it seemed like a fine time to get down to some spring cleaning.

As such, I am focusing my efforts on the boys clothes. This past weekend we pulled out every single item from their closets, and spent the day washing any dirty clothes while we laid them out on the living room floor.

 Reasons why you might consider  limiting clothing to 33 items:

*  A good portion of clothing items are stored and never worn.

*  With my children, because they are messy, they like to mix the clean (never-worn) clothes in with the soiled ones.

*  We end up washing clean clothes often.

*  We end up storing more clothes than we have room for.

*  Children get easily overwhelmed when there are too many items to manage or keep track of. Limiting the amount of responsibility allows for greater success with their chores.


Project Details:

1 //  Gather clothing and use a large open space to sort.

2 // Lay out clothing according to each child:  short sleeve, long sleeve, pants, shorts, pajamas, sweaters,  & dress clothing (add any other category as you please)

3 // Decide what amount is needed at minimum, using 33 articles of clothing as a limit. Note: I did not include underwear, socks, ties, suspenders etc. If you have girls you may not want to include tights, hair bands, etc.

Here is a list of my 33 items. I kept a category of 5 extra items for wiggle room in the weeding process. That way if I determined that I truly wanted to keep 8 short sleeve shirts instead of 7, I could keep to my 33 item limit.

project 33 - list of items to organize kids clothes via Drippingpaintbrush.com

Once my piles were in place for each child, I began to weed out items that were too small, didn’t fit well, or things they didn’t wear. As loads of laundry were finished, I added them to the pile and whittled it down again. Things that made it through the first round, didn’t necessarily make it through the second, and third. By the time EVERY item was washed I counted out each pile and folded it to put away.

Tried project 33 on the kids clothes and it's making an amazing difference!  Read about it on Drippingpaintbrush.com

There you go. 33 items. It’s tough, but worth it.


Photo Credits //  All :  Ann Neslen via Drippingpaintbrush


*  Would you try Project 33? If so, tell me, does it seem to work for your family?



6 thoughts on “less is more | project 33 / organize kids clothes

  1. I don’t think I could keep it to 33, never tried, but we do the same sort of thing as the seasons change. My problem is my kids wear the knees out of ALL of their pants, so we have to have lots more of those . . . because at any one time, half of them could be in the sewing bucket waiting for patching.

    1. It’s definitely a stretch to decide on such a low number. I’m impressed with the sewing bucket. I love the idea of making things last longer.

  2. I LOVE this idea. I am going to see if I can do it. I like to get rid of things because it can be so freeing, but 33 items is not that much! Thank you for inspiring me! You are absolutely amazing!

    1. You might be surprised (as I was) at how much it actually gives you when you get going. And I was also surprised by how many of the same type & color of items we had. It made whittling things down easier for sure. Let me know how it goes if you try it. I think it would be nice to hear.

  3. 3 pairs of PJs? no way. That would require me doing laundry every week. My daughter has a TON of clothes (mostly second hand). We have the space and then I only need to do wash a couple of times a month. :)

    1. Hahaha. I laughed out loud when I read “3 pairs of Pjs? no way!” I get it. I love that you wash a couple times a month! There are most certainly down sides to living in a thimble-sized home with a growing family. Washing regularly and getting rid of nearly everything we own are just a few. 😉 Thanks for reading!

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