“three little girls visit grandma” | artist book

The first of my Three Little Girls series. I began this project looking for a way to capture the feelings behind the memories of my grandmother’s home. Illustrated from memory, I tried to capture the most important memories and events that regularly took place during a visit to Grandma’s. Inspired by the simplicity of the writing and illustrations of Lois Lenski’s books, which also are a significant part of my own growing up experience, I tried to incorporate the same nostalgic feel of her classic books into my own writing and illustrating.


Girls packing

Three Little Girls cover side view

The book is drum leaf bound bristol, which was illustrated using water color and Prisma Color pencils.

Three Little Girls letterpress end sheets

End sheets are letterpressed printed, carved from lino, and the image is replicated from the wallpaper of my grandmother’s kitchen.

Grandma making Bretzelis


In keeping with the home-made / home-bound feel, I opted to embroider the book title directly on to the book cloth which is inset into the cover (to prevent from unnecessary wear).


Girls in Grandma's Kitchen

Girls at dining table making

Girls in playroom

Illustrations and Photographs by Ann Neslen
Please note: These images are not to be reproduced without permission by the author

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