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Boots came about as a way to capture the messiness and busyness of my then four-year-old, paired with clean lines, white paper, and contained images. The mock-up had chronicled the actual phrases and words that were uttered as my little boy played and moved about the house, but after much deliberation, I decided to make the words essentially non-intelligible and sculptural in themselves as letters. Which makes this book entirely made of imagery and allows for the imagery to speak for itself.

Gallery Boots

Gallery Boots page 1

The dotted lines that cut across the page mimic his movements and energy level.

Gallery Boots page 2

Gallery Boots page 3

Copic markers paired with a blender outlined the images that were printed on vellum. The pages are drum leaf bound.

Gallery Boots page 4

I framed an artifact from the day: a tiny scrap of paper that I found him poking with a loose (but sharp) object he had found. The wonder of childhood is literally pressed between the pages of the book.

Gallery Boots page 5

Boots was one of only five books chosen from the Artist Books class submissions by a juried panel, and appeared on display at the University of Utah Fine Art Building, for the Spring Student Art Show of 2014.

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