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The holidays bring about a lot of gatherings. Gatherings of out-of-town guests. Gatherings of  family members, friends, neighbors, and unexpected drop-ins. Living in a small space (especially living in an older home) does not afford me the luxury of extra closet space for coats. We could lay all of those extra coats, hats, and gloves on our bed, but with overnight guests that could get a little awkward. Sadly, we do not have a coat closet anywhere in our home. So, inspired by very minimal metal coat racks floating around online and on very expensive design pages, I sought out to make my own with just a few dowels and some copper pipe fittings. In half an hour, you can have one too! My favorite aspect of this DIY project is the fact that it is just as easy to disassemble as it is to assemble. Go ahead and store it under a bed for the next time you need a make-shift coat rack.

Materials //

(4)  1/2 inch round dowels at 48″ long

(4)  90 degree copper elbow joints, 1/2″ round openings (available in the plumbing section of your local hardware store)

(2)  45 degree copper joints, 1/2″ round openings


coat rack supplies 1

Cut //

Cut lengths of the following to your dowels.

(2)  9 3/4″

(2)  16″

(2 ) 48″  (your dowels are likely to be this length before cutting, leave 2 uncut)


Assemble //
*  Begin by assembling the top portion of the coat rack. Take the two dowels that measure 9 3/4″ and attach to the dowel measuring 16″ long together by using (2) 90 degree copper elbow joints.



*  Repeat this process. Using the (2)  48″ dowels with (2) 90 degree elbow joints and attach the second 16″ dowel.


assembled dowel pieces 1


*  Join the two assembled pieces using the 45 degree joints to the bottom of the shorter of the assembled dowels.
*  Finished!!! So easy, right? Lean against a wall to create an instant coat rack that won’t take up too much space.


coat rack detail


finished coat rack 1


* What clever ideas have you used when dealing with a small space?


Photo Credits //  All, Ann Neslen via Dripping Paintbrush


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