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Can you believe that it’s Thanksgiving already? Despite the fact that I’ve only twice hosted Thanksgiving dinner in the 11 years I’ve been married, I still find myself drawn toward the idea of creating a glamorous tablescape. Though a table cloth, some china, a few goblets, and some genuine silverware are all you really need to dress up any dinner gathering, there are a few extra details that can take your table to the next level. Adding accessories doesn’t need to be difficult, or hard to find. I managed to make my table up with a few gatherings from my house coupled with some yard clippings.


1 glad you're here

The branches from the yard, with a little  hot glue, turned the mirror into a wreath.

I have long loved the sweet handwritten messages (written in gold) on these charcoal plates, but sadly the retailer that made them no longer sells them. So I set out to make my own (drawn free-hand) with some left over vinyl, and adhered it to the mirror.

1 cart and painted pumpkin

This lone surviving Halloween pumpkin (pictured above, right), turned gold statement piece for Thanksgiving dinner, with a little help from Sharpie paint. I’m not certain it will last, only time will tell. And my favorite Target bar cart, with extra place settings and napkins. (I used my collection of drift wood to fill the space below to add some natural elements that compliment all the orange and gold tones). These are just a few of the finds around the house that are now turned into Thanksgiving decor.

1 banner above piano

A little DIY garland (above) made from cereal box cardboard, and some linen thread. I began this little project by printing off THANKSGIVING in a Word document (roughly 200 pt font? I think).

supplies for thanks giving banner

To transfer the text printed from the computer, I used a method called graphite transfer, which is just a fancy way of saying you scribble on the back of the letters and trace them onto the cardboard. The image may be too light, so you might want to lightly fill in the lines with a pencil  to see them better.

graphite transfer the letters

trace the outline of the letters

I simply use the light outline of each letter as a guide for cutting with scissors.

cut out letters

For tricky letters, like the A or the S, I used a couple of different methods to get at the center without bending the cardboard. For the A, I punched a few holes with an awl, and then cut out the center with scissors. For the S, I snipped along the curve to better get the scissors into position.

use an awl to get to tricky spots

snip around the curve
Some hot glue and linen thread, combine to make the finished garland. It was hung using some Command hooks on either side of our front window.

giving banner

Rather than add large centerpieces or tall items on the table that ultimately block the view from one another, I opted for decor that kept a low profile. The vine clippings from my yard made a perfect centerpiece without overwhelming my small table.


I purchased these small wishbones from Michaels Craft store, somewhere in the scrapbook section, but you can also get them here.  I thought they were perfect to use here. The gold leaves were found in a bunch at the dollar store, I just happened to clip them apart and added some craft paper flags with our family’s names written on them.

The gourd and pumpkins, if you would believe, are faux. I found them on clearance at Crate & Barrel, you might get lucky and be able to find them too, if you hurry.

easy tablescape

I added some gold rimmed goblets that I found at the dollar store—of all places! Aren’t they beautiful? I primarily get my goblets from the dollar store anyway, given that I live in a house full of boys, it makes for less tears when one of them gets broken. And inevitably one always gets broken. But I’ve never seen gold rimmed glasses at the dollar store. It was a happy surprise!

gold rimmed goblets

overhead tablescape

Just to see what it will look like with dusk setting in and the candles lit… so romantic!

candle lit tablescape

Resources //

Gold Bar Cart, Target
Natural Table Runner, Ikea
Linen Table Cloth, Ikea (no longer available)
Copper Candleabra, DIY (here for instructions)
Gold Candle holder, Dollar Tree
Pumpkins & Gourd, Crate & Barrel
Gold Rimmed Goblets, Dollar Tree
Gold Glitter Leaves, Dollar Tree
Mini-Wish Bones, available Michaels or Amazon
Round Natural Place Mats, Ikea (similar to shown)
Cloth Napkins, Target

* What are your favorite table accessories for Thanksgiving?

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  1. This looks wonderful! The words on the mirror are such a welcoming touch. I like your layered plates…an easy way to complete the elegance of your settings. Fab work!

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