design | 6 ways to achieve subtle & sophisticated halloween decor

Come holiday time I feel torn. Torn between going gaga over the luring aisles of holiday festivities, and between the need to keep things simple and calm during a turbulent albeit wonderful part of the year. My goal this year is to strike a balance between the two. Creating a sophisticated holiday decor plan requires a little bit of planning, but can be achieved when you keep in mind the following:

1 //  Re-purpose decor and objects that already exist in your home. Start looking at your belongings based on shape, color, or mood.

 decor | sublte & sophisticated halloween decorA slate cheeseboard used for casual entertaining now turned Halloween centerpiece.

2 //  Lighting. With a holiday like Halloween, lighting alone can set a mood. Ditch the overhead room lights for smaller, impactful secondary lighting (table lamps are ideal for this). If you have a dimmer switch, use it. Want more drama instantly? Candles make an excellent backdrop too.

3 //  Large Statement Piece. Choosing a large statement piece (or even just a lone statement piece) over a slew of smaller ones can be more memorable.

Original paper crafts templates by Assembli

4 // Seasonal Plants or Produce. Pumpkins, squash, vine clippings, a tree branch from the yard. All of these things can go a long way in giving place to the upcoming holiday season.

More chic Halloween party ideas

5 // Use Silhouettes & Shadow. Silhouettes and shadow both lend to a feeling of mystery. In small doses, each are effective ways to bring sophistication to your holiday gathering. Black paper silhouettes in your windows can go a long way at setting the mood long before anyone steps foot inside.


6 // Color. Laying a black tablecloth, or setting out a few orange pumpkins (or in this case using brass/gold accessories juxtaposed with black ones) can go a long way in articulating a chic Halloween vibe.

Halloween table setting

Benefits of a lessened decor aesthetic = less to curate and store.

* I’d love to hear from you! Tell me what ways you simplify the holiday decor process.
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