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Hello there, I’m Ann.  With two little boys underfoot, family-life can be chaotic.  As a result,  I am constantly trying to find balance + simplicity. Sometimes life gets messy,  but as I appreciate the process,  the better it gets. Really,  living artfully and intentionally is what this blog is all about.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

My background:   I received a bachelor’s degree in English because I love writing.  After graduating,  I worked for a time as a free-lance editor, and later,  I made the move to at-home motherhood.  In addition to being at home,  I’ve continued to find ways to write and pursue my other passions.  I adore interior design,  and I am also an artist. As a result,  I am drawn toward great design and creative exploration wherever I can find it.  In an effort to hone my skills in art,  I found myself enrolled in school once again, studying primarily Letterpress Printing and Bookmaking.  It’s been a wild ride.  All along the way I’ve been updating my nearly one-hundred-year-old home,  one project at a time.  All of this has me itching to share what I’ve learned along the way.  I look forward to blogging as a new creative venture.  Not to mention, a place to share the ordinary moments along the way.

An artful home?  What might this be?  I like to think an artful home as one that speaks through form + function + aesthetic about the people who live there. What is art anyway?  But intentional mark-making used as a means to communicate.  Leading a simple lifestyle and creating a home that expresses this value is very artful, indeed.  And,  as with all successful art forms,  (home design included) editing down to the essential message is the pinnacle of doing it well.

What I hope this blog will be:
*  A place to simplify and practice “right-sizing” rather than having to choose between “down-sizing” or “super-sizing” as the only options.
*  A place for home design—to match up the way we live with the place we live.
*  A place for solving problems, some about living in a small space, some about having a family and how a home runs with people living in it.
*  A place to chronicle the changes my home has seen in the last century, and the new changes that are sure to come.
*  A place for making. Making items for the home, making items that reflect style and fashion, and making items for the littles. (I very much love homemade toys and projects that involve children) .
*  A place of quiet reflection on the simple pleasures and beauties.
*  And finally, I want this to be a place where I can share a snapshot of my life, from time to time,  just because it is my life. And I’m finding ways to celebrate it.

I hope you can join me as I chip away, whittle things down, and clarify my goals and dreams in this crazy messy thing called life.
And yes, there is beauty in the mess along the way.

*  Want to know more about this site? Read about Dripping Paintbrush here.

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